Benjamin LISAN


16 rue de la Fontaine du But, 75018 PARIS, FRANCE


Tel./fax : + GSM : +


Single, date of birth : 9 march' 1955, French





q      Electrical Engineer  INSA Lyon

q      Reactor Physics Advanced Study Diploma (A.E.A.), University of Lyon

q      Nuclear Engineer. Nuclear & Technical Sciences National Institute of Saclay

q      Plasma Physics Advanced Study Diploma (D.E.A.), University of Orsay


LANGUAGE           English – good level,   birth language : French.




Hardwares    IBM AIX, SUN E3000 / E450 / E10000, HP 800 / 700, L…,

IBM 3090 / 7248, DPS7, DIGITAL (Ultrix, VMS), DELL, …


Systems         UNIX (10 ans), AIX 4.2, SOLARIS 2.5 à 2.8 & Solstice,

HP/UX V9 à 11,


VAX/VMS, GCOS7, Ultrix, Linux (SCO, Mandrake, …) …



& Internet     EXPLORER 6), PELIUNIX V2/V6, CFT V2, TOM Connect

Express, FTP, IP, X25 (UUCP), Transfix, notion firewall et







DBMS            ORACLE V6 / V7 / V8, SQLNET V2, SQL Serveur 7, Sybase 11


Methods        MERISE (orienté SGBD), SADT.


Softwares      ORACLE Developper / Designer 2000,  AMC-DESIGNER,

TOM 3xx, Smart Stream 6.5, CFT,  SMS 6.5, ACTUATE 5,

SEAGATE 7.5, Webtrend, CA-AHD, CONTROL-M, Patrol,

Vcs, Networker, MQserie,  Websphere, OPTRAK, Tuxedo …





2/03 - …              Leave for new business start-up (travel agency specialized in treks).



06/01 – 2/03          MATIS


For « Societe Generale » (06/01 – 10/02)


*    Responsible of exploitation of bank applications :


Machines : cluster E10000 + E450, NT4

Systems : Solaris Solaris 6 and 8, NT4

Software packages :

on NT4: Seagate 5 - 7.5, Connect Express 3xx, Oracle 8.x. Webtrend Web to analyze 5.x, CA-AHD....
On Solaris: Sybase 12, Oracle 8.x. Smart Stream 5 to 6.5 ( SMS), Sybase 11.5 - 12, Actuate 5, TOM 3XX, Websphere, CONTROL-M, PATROL, NETWORKER, VCS.

Actions on these machines :

q      Migrations (upgrades) Solaris 6 - > 8, Sybase 11 - > 12,

q      Migrations application of accounting : Smart Stream 5 - > 6.5

q      clusteration of clusters SUN under VCS,

q      migration of Intranet routes (because of the very secure network of the SG),

q      elaboration of precise schedules of these actions.

q      current management of applications of the states of the accounts of important customers, with SMS 6.5

q      current management of an Help-Desk application with the tool CA-AHD on NT

q      current management of applications of follow-up of statistics Web with Webtrend & Web analyzer 5.x on NT.

q      Use of tools of surveillance Control-M, PATROL, Networker ...

q      support backup 1-st level of an application of management of the relation customer with Siebel on AIX..

q      etc ...



07/00 – 06/01        INTELLIGENT SALES OBJECTS


*    Direction & computer administration of a startup :


q    Organization of standard installation and Management of a Park of 70 machines PC in NT4 or Windows 2000 workstation, with Outlook on 2000, office 2000 etc. .

q    Organization of 4 servers NT4 and 2000 with SQL SERVER and Exchange.

q    Installation of TRANSFIX Bridge links between two sites of the ISO society.

q    Organization of VPN network, RAS and of a MANDRAKE LINUX FIREWALL.

q    Management Telephone network and of two Data networks.

q    Administration EXCHANGES first level.

q    Purchase of machines and software packages and management ofmaintenance contracts.



05/94 – 06/00        TMA SERVICES


For RENAULT (03/98 – 06/00)


*    Creation then system administration for a computer center of development :


Machines : E450 and E3000, HP

Systems :  Solaris 6.x (and upgrades), HP-UX from 8 to 11, NT4

Software packages : Oracle 7.5 - 8.4, LOTUS NOTES, WEBSPHERE, MQSERIES, CFT, TUXEDO ...

Actions on these machines :

q      Creation then administration system of a computer centre of development:

q      installation and update (memory(report), cpu, discs) of 5 Solaris 2.5/2.5 machines, 13 HPUX machines,

q      installation and update of software packages (and supervision of application softwares.)

q      Management of account, performances _ top, vmstat, sar. Followed with Sun Solstice...

q      Management / follow-up service contract(maintenance contract), purchase of material

q      Creation and Administration of 30 ORACLE 7 AND 8 Data Bases, of a average size of 1Go (according to standard procedure elaborated by me).

q      Creation and standardization of all the procedures of Administration and exploitation of machines SUN, of the Computer Centre, in shell, kshell and awk.

q      current Oracle Administration and software packages : LOTUS NOTE, WEBSPHERE, CFT, TUXEDO, MQSERIES...

etc ...


For TOTAL (05/94 – 03/98)


*    Gestion, administration of a park of 35 Machines : UNIX HP-UX, SUN, SCO :

*    5 HP-UX machines, 30 machines PC  SCO & UNIX INTERACTIVE. Development of shell scripts of supervision, administration, of data save with Networker, tele-maintenance from my home, during the WE, management, UUCP & PELIUNIX transferts, usage of tool of supervision Control-M.

*    Studies, Development, Assistance & Administration of 2 internal applications of management of the itineraries of petrol lorries and stocks in regional deposits, on UNIX machines with OPTRAK software of optimization of routes.


01/94 – 04/94        DATAID


*    Development of about 6 complex SQL*Forms Modules. (Project under ISO 9000 Norm) for the management of the employees of the FFA (“forces francaises en Allemagne”).


09/93 – 12/93        JET TOUR


*    Development of 43 complex SQL*Reportwriter reports for accountancy data (balance ...). (Project under ISO 9000 Norm).


06/93 – 08/93        SGN


*    Realization of small data conceptual model of billing  (MERISE)



02/88 - 05/93 – Independant worker :


04/92 – 05/93        SOLVAY – Bruxelles


*    Development project chief _ supervision of two Developers.

*    Managing of the quality according to SOLVAY norms.

*    Transportation of applications ANABASE toward ORACLE.

        Realisation of more than 300 Oracle forms & reports, made by 3 persons,

       Industrialized porterage with usage of ORACLE CASE.


Management of 4 projects of conversion from ADABAS DBMS to ORACLE (planning, quality control...).

Staff employed : 2 persons. Systematic usage of ORACLE CASE, SQLFORMS, SQLREPORT and

SQPLUS on all  the projects.


Tacking over of a 2/3 of a project concerning management of personnel, telephones, sites, material,  (Project size : 2 man-years).

Research, analysis of PVC plastic aging software (tacking over1/4 of this project. Size : 200 man days). Creation of a listing generator: portable, parametrable at level of interrogations and desired results.

Research, analysis of PVC plastic chemical formulas software.120 man-days.

Examination, studies, analysis, participation into the realization of a chemical and material stock  software (Project size : 70 man-days).



09/91 – 03/92        TRACTEBEL – Bruxelles


*    Analyse & Realisation of application of management of Computer park of TRACTEBEL in ORACLE 6.

*    MCD Analysis, Realisation of SQLforms forms & SQLReports reports.

*    Reexamination, analysis, creation of computer park management software (hardware and software inventory, account and orders management) in ORACLE SQLFORMS, SQLPLUS, C-SHELL, WORD on ULTRIX and Macintosh for TRACTEBEL


02/88 – 08/91        EUROPEAN COMMUNAUTY (ECC) – Bruxelles


*    Analysis with realisation from A to Z, with an application of management of European Directives (2 years) , Having a role of legal Clerk's Office and conservation of the mails and the documents concerning some elaboration of European directives within the General Secretary of the ECC _ being only :           1) editorial staff of the conditions of contract, 2) definition of procedures and protocol of exchange, in particular of the safety of exchanges, 3) analysis, creation MCD, realization Oracle bases, serving of timekeeper towards, successful and stored documents 4) development of program of parsage SGML to extract automatically the information of messages and to update the Oracle base, 5) developments of programs of reroutages of messages received towards the other addressees in the CCE and the states members.

*    Management of the Patronages of the ECC (3 month) :  Creation of a Base and several ORACLE forms and reports.

*    Management of the Human rights (3 month) : Creation of a Base and several ORACLE forms and reports.

*    Extension of a documentary software in ORACLE, creation and update of SQLforms forms. (1 month)


1986 – 1988          LCI / BULL




*    Development of the ORACLE forms of Management of Clients with an engine of artificial intelligence (3 month)


Pour le compte d’EDF


*    Implementation's audit of ORACLE on DPS7. (1 month)

*    Realization of IDMS modules under TSO on IBM 3090.


Pour le compte d’APLS2


*    Realisation of C modules C of Management of the BBL Banking Network (Brussels).



For MAIRIE DE PARIS (Paris City Hall)


*    Realization of an application of CAO/cartographic management, of the follow-up of the work of the sewer workers and the incidents in the Network of the sewers of Paris in ORACLE and CADDS (Computer Vision), using a ORACLE search engine.


Pour le compte de SPRING


*    Realization of SHELL modules for a CAD project for Peugeot on SUN.



09/85 – 09/86        INFI


Analysis & Realisation of applications in SQLforms, SQLreport :

*    Management of a small messaging in Oracle modules & SQLNET for the SAGEM (3 months)

*    Management of the municipal helps of several cities (ORACLE) (3 months)

*    Management of the follow-up of EDF contracts for FRAMATOME (ORACLE) ( 3 months)


01/82 – 08/85        SODETEG – TAI (BUC)


Realisation of applications :

*    Management of climatological archives for the Meteorology of Kenya (COBOL, TEMIS). (2 years)

*    Broadcast of satellites messages  for the CNES in Z80 assembler

        (one years).


06/81 – 12/81        MONDIAL INFORMATIQUE – SEM Louveciennes


*    Realization of an librarian application for the SEMS (COBOL).