Benjamin LISAN

16, rue de la Fontaine du But, 75018 PARIS, FRANCE.

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Frenchman / Bachelor / B driving licence / Been born 09 July 1955

current professional English

Total schedule and geographic availability, including whole world.



System Engineer / Exploitation application Engineer





06/2007- Steria (Paris) & SFR (Nanterre): Solaris/Linux syst. engineer: install., migrations, exploit, ope. cond


05/06-07/06 a) Humanitarian: Help an handicapped cranial trauma companion, in Norway during his European

tour. b) Crossing all Norway, by bicycle, with him. Writing of one book.

10/05-04/06 Optima - Snecma Villaroche: DBA ORACLE : installations, migrations, reorg., exploitation


2004-2005: Prodset-Soria society (Paris): Formative : Unix administrator and Oracle trainings.


2003-2004: Creation of treks and journeys Agency, in Himalaya and in Morocco, and humanitarian actions.


2001-2002 : Societe Generale (Tigery/Paris) & Matis (Paris): responsible Engineer of banking applications.

(Realization of a migration Solaris, Oracle, 8 banking applications in 6 months )


2000-2001 : I.S.O. (Saint-Cloud): Computer Responsible.

(Installation of 3 NT servers, of a local area network, about sixty PC, etc. in 1 year).


1998-2000 : Renault (St-Quentin) & TMA Services (Paris): Administrator of Unix system.

(create and Organize a computer room and 13 machines UNIX / 3 NT, in 1,5 years )


1994-1998 : Total (La Dfense/Paris) & TMA Services (Paris): Administrator of Unix system.

(Service et assistance to the users )


1994 : French Army & Dataid (Paris): Developer of Oracle programs.


1986-1993 : Independent Engineer: Studies and realizations Oracle, C & Oracle*Case projects:

  1993 : Jet-tour (Paris) : editions of listings (40 prog. of edition).

  1992-1993 : Solvay (Brussels) : management of the staff (+ supervision of 2 developers).

  1991-1992 : Tractebel (Brussels) : management of the computer equipment of a service in Oracle.

  02/88-09/91 CEE (Brussels) : management of European directives, human rights & patronages.

(Complete realization alone of management soft of directives with Oracle, Sgml & network).

  05/87-11/87 BBC (Brussels) & APLS2I, SSCI : management banking network, in C language.

  12/86-03/87 City hall of Paris : management of Paris sewerage system with Cadds and Oracle.


1985-1986 : INFI (Paris/Viroflay) : Realisation of Oracle, Fortran, Cobol applications  :

  missions at Sagem (Argenteuil/Paris) and Framatome (Paris/La Dfense).


1982-1985 : Sodeteg-Tai (Buc/Paris) : Ralisateur programmeur Cobol, Fortran, Temis, & formateur :

  Missions for the Meteorology of Kenya, for the CNES (Toulouse) and for CIRAS (Congo).


1981 : Sems (Paris) & Mondial Informatique (Paris) : Realisator & programmer of librarian application.

1979-1980 : CNRS Gif sur Yvette : 3eme Researcher cycle on corona discharges and plasma physic.



1979: Engineer of Atomic engineering (awarded a diploma with the INSTN - Saclay)

1979: Physical DEA of plasmas physic (Paris XI university - Orsay)

1978: Engineer of electric engineering (awarded a diploma with INSA - Lyon)

1978: Physical AEA of the reactor physic (Claude Bernard Lyon university)

2004: Common-core of the state diploma of Sportsman educator (Paris).



               Organizer of Transhimalayan marches on 2002 and 2003, with 15 then 23 persons

  Treks of 45 and 20 days of march, with crossing of 5 passes, of more than 5000 m height, responsible for the security and for the complete logistics of this treks.

               13 Treks (Canadian Arctic, etc.) and 25 journeys all over the world.

               Leisure activities: walks, mineralogy, study of the nature, music, reading, editorial staff of scientific books.